Forklift Carriage Bar FCB2 TO FCB4

Forklift Carriage Bar FCB2 TO FCB4

The type FCB Fork Carriage Bar has been designed and machined in accordance with AS2359.11. Fork Carriage Bar is supplied in pairs, consisting of one Upper and one Lower Bar. Manufactured from Grade 350 mild steel, the... Continue reading

Tarp Spreader TS

Tarp Spreader TS

The type TS Tarp Spreader has been designed to safely cover high truck loads by Forklift. This slip-on attachment is easily fitted onto the fork tines and is secured by a safety chain. The Prong is secured... Continue reading

Concrete Kibbles CCN215

Concrete Kibbles CCN215

The type CC215 Concrete Collection Tray has been designed to limit environmental damage wherever a concrete pump is being used on site. This low profile tray fits under the concrete pump to collect spillage washout water and... Continue reading

Concrete Kibbles GK05

Concrete Kibbles GK05 TO GK10

The Grout Kibbles are designed for bottom dumping of granular products, grout or similar materials. Fitted with a 300mm diameter Butterfly Valve and a “Lay Flat” hose, giving the operator unobstructed view and control of... Continue reading

Concrete Kibbles CKL15

Concrete Kibbles CKL15 TO CKL30

Concrete Kibbles have been designed for easy transfer of concrete on site by overhead crane. The CKL15 Concrete Lay down Kibble is a heavy duty roll-over style Kibble for use by overhead crane. This style Kibble... Continue reading

Concrete Kibbles CKM05

Concrete Kibbles CKM05 TO CKM10

Concrete Kibbles have been designed for easy transfer of concrete on site by overhead crane. This lightweight yet heavy duty Kibble can be used for both bottom discharge or side discharge with the use of the adjustable chute. This... Continue reading

Gas Cylinder Cage GB-SC-RP ramp option

Crane Cages GB-SC

The type GB-SC Gas Cylinder Storage Cage has been designed as a safety cage suitable for gas cylinder storage and transport. The Cage is fitted with a 4 point Crane lift and Forklift pockets underneath for transport. The Cage is... Continue reading

Storage Cages GB-CM

Crane Cages GB-CM

The type GB-CM2 Gas Cylinder Storage Cage has been designed primarily as a secure storage unit for building sites and mines. The lockable gate, mesh sides and roof sheeting ensure cylinder and gear security. The Cage is fitted with... Continue reading

Storage Cages GCN2

Crane Cages GCN2

The type GCN-2 Gas Cylinder Crane Cage has been designed to suit one type “G” Oxygen and one type “G” Acetylene gas cylinder. Provision has been made to store all hoses inside the cage. The cage is supplied with... Continue reading