CSB - Crane Spreader Beams

Crane Lifting CSB2 to CSB10

CSB Crane Spreader Beams are available in a range of capacities and lengths to suit any application. Crane Spreader Beams are supplied standard with 5lift positions and fitted with 2 safety swivel hooks.The standard finish on... Continue reading


Fork Arms FA12 to FA80

Fork Arms are supplied in a range of capacities and lengths. Always ensure that the rating of the Fork Arm is equal to or exceeds the rated lift capacity of the fork truck. * GST... Continue reading

Carriage Mounted Jib

Jib Attachments GNJ2.5 TO GNJ6

The GNJ2.5 Carriage Mounted Jib is designed for heavy duty applications and offers height and manoeuvrability. This Jib mounts to a standard Class II Forklift carriage and comes with an Optional Support Stand upon request. Three hook positions have been... Continue reading

PHA2000 Automatic Pallet Hook

Pallet Hooks PHA2000

The type PHA2000 Automatic Pallet Hook has been designed to handle palleted goods safely when being lifted by overhead crane. The unit self balances when loaded for ease of operation with an internal spring mechanism ensuring the lifting eye... Continue reading

Crane Lifting Bulk Bag

Crane Lifting BBF4

The BBF4 Bulk Bag Lifters are suitable for lifting Bulk Bags designed with lifting loops by overhead crane. Two models are available. The standard BBF4 model caters for Bags 100cm square nominal. The smaller BBF4-700 model... Continue reading

WP-N Work Platform - Flatpack

Work Platforms WP-N

The WP-N FORKLIFT WORK PLATFORM has been designed with safety in mind and to carry out those maintenance tasks of short duration and occasional usage where safe working at height is paramount. Fitted with a self-closing inward opening gate and... Continue reading

Stillage Cages - PCM-01 Stillage Cage

Goods Cages PCM

This multi-use pallet size cage is designed to suit all warehousing and storage requirements with the advantage of being quickly dismantled for valuable space saving and transport efficiency. This durable, economical cage can be transported by Forklift or Pallet Trolley... Continue reading

HB Hopper-Bins

Waste and Storage Bins HB1-5 TO HB1-15

The type HB1 Hopper Bins have been designed with a unique “Clam Shell” opening mechanism and are available in three models with different volume capacities as detailed in the table below. The bin has been fitted with Forklift pockets... Continue reading