Spill Bins RS-IBC-1250

The type RS-IBC-1250 Spill Bins have been specifically designed for IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and suit most IBC’s on the market. This unit comes with a support Rack and Tray providing extra pouring height and comes in a long life Zinc plated finish, offering a complete protection against damaging and costly chemical spills. To empty the containment area, a single Drain Plug has been provided at the front of the Bin.

All type RS-IBC Spill Bins have a spill capacity of at least 125% of the IBC holding capacity in accordance with Australian Standards, being classified as “portable” units.

RS-IBC-1250 $2187 *
RS2L $981 *
RS3L $1098 *
RS2-2L $1413 *
RS3-3L $1620 *

* GST Extra – Not Applicable to Export Sales

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